organic products, fairtrade clothes, sustainable livingHere at Daisy Hill we care passionately about the environment and the people we share it with.

We provide a carefully selected range of eco-friendly clothing, accessories and organic beauty products for people who appreciate that what they wear is as important as how they wear it.

We believe in slow fashion, pieces that you will treasure for more than one season and become your indispensable favourites.

Whilst in an ideal world all our products would be 100% organic, carbon neutral and fair trade we understand that this is still a developing area in stylish clothing.

Therefore we will always be open and honest about the ecological and ethical credentials of our  suppliers.

The brands we stock provide eco-friendly clothing in materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, modal, soybean, and recycled polyester. In addition these brands are committed to running their businesses in an ethically and environmentally friendly manner.

The pieces we stock are stylish as well as eco-friendly so there really is no excuse not to do your bit for the environment, by looking drop dead gorgeous!

We aim to support those designers that are as passionate about having minimal impact on the environment and a positive impact on people’s lives as we are.


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