This Winter has been one of the mildest on records so far (which has been a blessing for my heating bill and my CO2 emissions) but here are Daisy Hill we have slightly missed the crisp mornings, frosty breath, and numb fingers that we so enjoyed last Winter.

The dark mornings and dark evenings are still here, (even if the cold temperatures aren’t) but the dark shadows under the eyes don’t have to be – our favourite remedy is Pai echium eye cream, but you may find cold teaspoons are a good quick fix if you haven’t yet got your hands on some!

So as the daffodils open up along the hedgerows, and even the crocuses think about making an early appearance in the gardens, we wanted to capture the spirit of Winter before Spring is fully sprung.

Here are some of our favourite interiors from this season.

green soft furnishings, eco living, eco interiors

Clockwise from top left:

Ginkgo eco print in warm stone – hand-produced in the UK using silkscreen printing, colours are dense and vibrant, printed on recycled card
Baltic sustainable linen throw – made on hand looms by highly skilled weavers in the Baltics, this throw conforms to the highest ecological standards
Fairtrade silky stripe lilac cushion – sourced from India, these Fairtrade cushions are handmade, rich and luxurious
Large red harbour light – made in Wales, this stylish aluminium lamp will bring cheer to any living room or kitchen

eco living, fairtrade accessories, organic accessories

Clockwise from top left:

Daisy Heat Bags – lavender-filled, printed with water-based inks onto organic Fairtrade cotton, these little heat bags are perfect for Winter aches and cold toes
Organic jute rugs – handwoven from jute, these eco rugs are made from natural vegetable fibre and spun into coarse, strong threads, ideal for wooden or slate floors
Soy wax candle – infused with natural oils, this candle contains 100% natural blend of oils that will lift your spirits whatever the weather’s doing
Grey wool throw – made with recycled wool, this soft throw gives unloved jumpers and cardies a whole new lease of life

Okay, we haven’t missed slipping on the icy pavements and having to wear three jumpers just to go to the loo in the night, but these rich and warming accessories have already made Winter 2012 a far more appealing thought.

What do you love most about Winter?  Tell us in the comments below or over on the Facebook page.

PS I don’t know what it is about those Daisy Heat Bags that we like so much….