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If this looks anything like your wardrobe, read on to find out how to give your wardrobe a new start in 2012

Picture the scene – it’s morning, you’re showered and ready to get dressed into something comfortable but stylish.  You attempt to slide your clothes hangers along the rail to get a better look at what’s in your wardrobe, but they resist.

There isn’t room to move.

There are pairs of dusty shoes in the bottom of the cupboard, many of which you don’t remember buying.

Your poor wardrobe is so packed that it’s struggling to breathe – you’re struggling to see what you’ve got in there, and your partner has less than a foot of space to hang his clothes.

So make 2012 the year of the clear-out and the restyle – here are some top tips on getting rid of the old to make way for the new.

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Your old trainers aren't destined for landfill - they could be turned into something much nicer

Give your old trainers a new lease of life

You won’t be surprised to hear that charity shops aren’t keen to take your stinky old trainers…

But you may be surprised to hear that shoe company Nike is.

Their Reuse a Shoe project turns old running shoes into running tracks and other sports surfaces.

So however mouldy and rotten your runners are, there is life in them yet.

Refresh your wardrobe in ten for 2012

Malaysian fashion label Ultra has introduced a capsule wardrobe for the modern woman, featuring ten essential pieces that will see you through the year in style.

Made from recycled and natural-blend materials, the collection can be returned to the company at the end of the year for upcycling – then you’ll receive a discount off next year’s fresh collection.  What better excuse to update again next January?

Go vintage

Not only is retro back in, but clothes from the 50s, 60s and 70s are often good quality and still look amazing.

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We also love this black vintage midi-dress from ASOS

eco fashion, organic clothes, vintage dresses

This vintage office dress from Etsy is adorable

Why not inject a shot of vintage into your wardrobe and invest in a couple of pieces from a bygone era?

ASOS offers a wide collection of vintage fashion, or Etsy is a great marketplace for recycled and vintage clothes.

You could also try your local charity shops as they are  a treasure trove of  hidden gems.

Give your motivation a boost with some new sweats

Following festive over-indulgence, many of us make January the month when we dig out our old joggers and pound the pavements to shift those extra pounds.

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Daisy Hill's organic designer leggings will hold you in and support you on your new year jog

Give yourself some extra motivation this January with some new exercise clothes – check out this Fairtrade cotton sweatshirt from WOMbat or these organic cotton leggings from our very own Daisy Hill (both in the sale!)

What changes are you making in 2012?  Share them in the comments below or come and tell us on the Facebook page.

Your partner may still have just a few inches to hang his clothes, but the clothes you have are ethical, stylish, on trend, and superb quality, so they deserve to dominate the wardrobe space.

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