How’s your pumpkin looking? Ours is pretty soggy and sorry-looking so it’s gone on the compost.

But we’re loving all the Gothic witch-themed products that are still displayed in the shops as a Halloween Hangover.  Here are a few of our favourites:

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Large picture: Witch’s sign

Right column, from top to bottom: Red table runnerTrick or treat card and a must-have for Christmas at Daisy Hill this year is this fabulous Ellie Poo notebook, made with elephant dung!  No, seriously, it’s made with elephant dung.

We’re told there is no real evidence of its origins, but we’ve got our bottle of Organic Perfume at the ready, just in case…

Next time there will be fireworks as we look at how to have an ethical Guy Fawkes night, without disturbing the wildlife or damaging and environment.  Be safe and have fun this weekend.