What did you do last weekend?

At Daisy Hill we made the most of the unexpected October heat wave and spent Saturday and Sunday marvelling at the sunshine, strolling along the sands at St Ives, and trying to decide whether to publish this post or not.

Yes it’s Autumn, but it was also unseasonably warm and all the sunshine didn’t quite fit with the new season’s collection……

Unfortunately (or fortunately for our post) the ‘proper’ October weather has returned and today is grey, misty, damp and generally a bit miserable.

So here are eight good reasons to love the distinctly cooler weather:

autumn clothing, new autumn collections, eco clothing

August collection, clockwise from top left:

Kimono-style teal jumper: Hand-knitted from 100% wool in Nepal

Rock n roll purple dress: Made from organic cotton

Patchwork autumn palette skirt: Handmade with upcycled materials, appliqued with a single flower

Retro sixties tea dress: Made from vintage 1960s yellow flower cotton

organic clothing, women's eco clothing

Autumn eye candy, clockwise from top left:

Grey winter cape: Handmade to order from 100% wool, in the United States

Investment piece: Winter jacket, designed by ecological designer Camilla Norback

Vintage skirt: Harvest brown high waist skirt, made with vintage fabric

Grey felted slippers: Made from natural New Zealand wool

And if you need more good reasons to celebrate the arrival of Autumn, head out your front door tomorrow and find some leaves to scuff through – you’ll feel six years old again – I promise.

What do you love most about Autumn?  Help get us in the mood for the new season by sharing your comments below.