cycling badges, eco-fashion, eco clothingWhat makes 12-15 million spectators travel an average of 80 miles to stand at the side of a road for over 6 hours?

The annual Tour de France cycling race is here, with colourful riders pedalling their way up, down and through the French countryside.

We don’t need much more of an excuse here at Daisy Hill to bring together some of the best cycling clothing and accessories for your viewing pleasure.

So even if you’re not into chasing the yellow jersey for yourself, take a minute to enjoy the wealth of gorgeous cycling accessories and gifts we’ve found.

cycling pillow, cycling accessories, sustainable living

Clockwise from top left:

I want to ride my bicycle!  Or do I?

Think I’d rather lounge around on a grassy bank gazing at the sky while laying on that beautiful Catherinette pillow (this gal sure likes bikes, so if you travel on two wheels, be sure to check out her other products).

But if you’re slightly more energetic and fancy pimping your ride, take a look at these beauties:

cycling accessories, eco living, floral cycling accessories

Clockwise from top left:

PS  And if you’re planning on watching the latest stages of the Tour de France from the comfort of your sofa, make sure you don’t break a sweat as you cheer on your favourite rider in this cool striped linen top from our eco-friends at Daisy Hill’s store.