Exam stress getting you down?  I bet you haven’t heard of these simple yet effective ways to keep on top of those pre-exam nerves.

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Natural fresh sage herbs from St Kitts Herbery in Cornwall

1. Tuck into bangers and mash

Yes, it’s comfort food (particularly with mashed potatoes, peas and gravy) but if your sausages also include sage they can enhance memory and clear the mind.

(Really – it’s scientifically proven – don’t ask us who proved it – they had a white coat on and were eating sage, so we believe them – Daisy).

Other herbs with magic properties that can reduce stress levels include dill, tarragon and rosemary, so stock up from earth’s apothecary and let nature take its course.

Look for herbs from a local grower – St Kitts Herbery in North Cornwall grows and sells delicious fresh sage – look around your county for the pick of the crop.

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Pai serenity bath and body collection smells divine - soothes stressed minds and bodies

2. Take a bath

In case you’re doubting the value of a soak in the tub, please try it.  Follow the steps below and you’ll feel the stresses wash away with every breath.

Find an empty bath and fill with warm water

Add therapeutic bath salts

Grab a piece of chocolate

Light a couple of candles

Step in.

Then inhale the frankincense and grapefruit, forget everything that’s been making you anxious, and feel the tension leave your body and your mind.

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Whether you live by the sea, the countryside or in the rural landscape, fresh air can relieve tension

3. Let’s go outside

Yes, I know you haven’t quite finished your last minute cramming but you’ll be amazed how this can re-energise your brain.

Step away from the laptop, shut your books, put your pen down and step outside, just for five minutes.

You’ll see that there is still life outside the world of revision.

(Daisy Hill is near the sea, so when we need some head space, we scoot off to the coast and take in the sea air.  But wherever you live, any fresh air and a change of scene will get your thoughts in order).

stress relief, this works sleep solution, eco-living4. Get your beauty sleep

Sleep is one of the first casualties of a stressed mind – and it’s one of the most important solutions to making you feel better.

So making sure you get your 7-8 hours is more important than ever during exam season.

If you’re having trouble getting enough shut-eye, try this secret sleep solution that we at Daisy Hill just love.

Inhale the lavender and camomile, breathe in the healing eucalyptus, and let the sandman deliver the night of peace you so need.

chill out music, sustainable living, daisy hill blog5. Listen to music

Music can be great for natural stress relief.

Just be aware of the tempo – Rage Against the Machine may not be the best medicine if you’re looking to slow your heart rate and connect with your inner chi.

Chill out tunes can trigger changes in your body – your breathing slows, your body goes into relaxation mode, and your mood alters.

What simple techniques do you use when you feel your shoulders rising and your back tensing?  Share them in the comments below and help us all feel the weight of our worries float away.