It’s that time of year again when parents are desperately scouring the supermarkets for “World’s best teacher” mugs and for fluffy toys bearing “My favourite teacher” plaques.

But as the end of term approaches, would you like to get something a little bit different, a little bit special, that will really make your child’s teacher feel appreciated?

natural organic gifts, organic presents, eco fashion

Decent coffee, teabags and biscuits for the staff room are always popular, but this collection of wonderful natural and organic gifts will be popular with parents and teachers.

(Just make sure you wrap them and give them to the lucky recipient straight away, otherwise there’s a risk you’ll have ripped open the packaging and used the gorgeous products yourself before you can say “world’s best teacher”…)

teachers gifts ideas, organic gifts, fairtrade chocolate, eco fashion

Top row, from left to right: 1. Cornish wildflower honey, 2. Nutty chocolate flapjacks, 3. Crumbly fudge

Middle row, from left to right: 4. Natural organic travel kit for men, 5. Organic body butter, 6. Natural bergamot lip balm

Bottom row, from left to right: 7. 1970s laptop, 8. Fairtrade good-enough-to-eat bracelet, 9. Cornish seasonal flowers

If you’re tightening your belt in anticipation of the Summer holiday price hike as schools break up, there are some amazing gifts you can give that cost very little, but mean a lot:

personalised teachers gifts, ideas for teachers gifts, handmade teachers gifts

10. Make some finger-painted bookmarks with your child

11. Have your child decorate a plain mug with a personal message and drawing

12. Hand-tie a bunch of seasonal flowers from your garden

13. Help your child call the local radio station to request a song for them

14. Plant some seeds in a pretty pot and have your little one handwrite a plant label

15. Write a letter or card that explains what makes your child’s teacher so special

organic gifts, organic wine, ideas for teachers giftsPS  You may not want your little darling staggering into the classroom under the weight of a large bottle of Chardonnay, so I’ve resisted including alcohol in the list, but if you want to hand a gift to teacher, there are some great organic wines on the market that will make them the envy of the staff room: try this organic red Saint Emilion Chateau Beausejour from Vintage Roots.